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HR Chat: Factors of Global Immigration

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Open Practices, Community-Based Research, and Social Responsibility

This virtual panel discussion was held in celebration of International Education Week, which is an annual opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide,…

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Telesis - Interview with Mr. Brian Phillips from ISA

Interview with Mr. Brian Phillips from ISA. Telesis, Student Journal Elective Class Fall 2022 - Gibbs College of architecture University of Oklahoma Zoom Recording ID: 94164935726 UUID:…

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HR Chat-Dobbs v. Jackson Recording

On September 20, 2022, the Department hosted our first panel discussion! This semester's HR Chat series strives to survey experts in various fields to unpack the intricate elements of difficult…

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Class: 23 August 2022 v2

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Cooper Duncan MIS 3033 Homework 10

Homework 10 - make up

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Tech in Law Practice - Automation

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OU Health Services + UCC

Katie Fay from OU Health Services and Katy Powers from University Counseling Center discuss campus health and wellness for Sooner Saturday attendees.

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Oklahoma Invasive Plant Council - February 2021 Webinar

Controlling Invasive Woody Plants - Managing Callery Pear & Privet 1:30 p.m. Thursday, February 25th, 2021 Two of the most ubiquitous exotic, invasive woody plants in Oklahoma are the Callery…

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Dr. Douglas Drevets Public Health Grand Rounds

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Oklahoma Mon Amour: The Impossible South

A discussion of the film Oklahoma Mon Amour (dir. Carolina Rueda, Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies and 202-21 Arts & Humanities Forum Faculty Grantee at the University of…

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Lindsay Stallones Marshall: Saving History From The Cowboys

Part of the panel discussion "Space, Place, and Schooling: African American and Indigenous Oklahoma, 1865-1925" Lindsay Stallones Marshall: PhD Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow in…

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Mirelsie Velázquez: Space, Place, and Schooling: Black and Indigenous Oklahoma, 1865-1925

“Space, Place, and Schooling: African American and Indigenous Oklahoma, 1865-1925” speaks to the need to place both Oklahoma and communities of color (African American and American Indian…

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OU Libraries Session for Do You Understand Integrity Classes

Learn about Discover's filtering options and other features that will help you find sources more quickly, two databases that are great for find quality sources for most research topics, and a…

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New_Same-Sex Marriage

As a part of the unique design of Introduction to American Federal Government, there is an expanded emphasis for learning to engage issues rather than rhetoric. The political arena and news media are…

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The United States of America is a nation born in revolution, with a history marked by great moral tragedy and by great moral triumph. Understanding that history is essential, in no small part…

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