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10.4 Pre-Class Lecture

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6.4 Pre-Class Lectuure

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Particle Physics, CERN, the LHC, and the Higgs Particle: April 15, 2021

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Week 10 discussion 11.6 and 11.7 the ratio test

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ASTR 1523 Lecture 5

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Kalenda Eaton: What is this for?’ Exploring the Purpose(s) of Digital Humanities in the Classroom (DH@OU5 Digital Humanities Symposium)

Dr. Kalenda Eaton is an Associate Professor in The Clara Luper Department of African and African American Studies at the University of Oklahoma. As a scholar of Black literary and cultural studies,…

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ChE/CEES 5673 Lecture 07 Micelles 3 Mixed Micelles

In Lecture 07 we complete our discussion of micelles with a detailed discussion of mixed micelle formation and the use of regular solution theory to describe the cmc in mixed surfactant systems.

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Video Lecture Series#2 Overview of SDT and Basic Needs- Quiz

In this video I am giving you an overview of the Self-Determination Theory (SDT) with basic psychological needs. You will answer certain questions in between the different parts of my lecture. Enjoy!

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