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Helpful Pointers for Social Problems and Solutions Assignment

Overview of social problems and solutions assignment, resources for this assignment, choosing and narrowing paper topic, locating interventions, locating evidence based interventions, tips for the…

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Theoretical Foundations and Macro Systems - SWK 5523 - Goodwin

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Class: 23 August 2022 v2

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CS 1323 Spring 2022, Monday April 18, Classes with Generics

Zoom Recording ID: 97947641544 UUID: RPStJ+v1QeGDC5PPew8hnQ== Meeting Time: 2022-04-18 02:26:05pm

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Zuyuan Zhang (9/March/2022)

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Advanced Machine Learning 2022 - day 01

Course Introduction

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Class Video 7-22-21

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7.3 Pre-Class Lecture

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CHEM 3953 Zoom Meeting 2 February 2021

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ChE 3723 F2020 Lecture 29 HW 12 Review and More Boundary Value Problems 11/11/2020

In this class session we go over the solutions to HW 12 and then look at the solution to the ODE in HW 12 after converting it into a BVP. The point to be made, here, is that the same Runge-Kutta…

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ChE 3723 F2020 Lecture 26 Solving Boundary Value Problems

Here we look at using the same Runge-Kutta code we developed for solving 2nd order initial value problems (IVP) to solve a boundary value problem (BVP). The process is basically identical, but for…

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ChE 3723 F2020 Lecture 25 HW 11 and Another 2nd Order Initial Value Problem

We continue our look at the use of Runge Kutta methods for solving 2nd order ordinary differential equations, in this case an initial value problem.

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