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09/15 client meeting recording

Zoom Recording ID: 5439519125 UUID: NUwaGlDIQDCHqNN3/Jxa/w== Meeting Time: 2021-09-15 07:23:33pm

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Continuing Ed Training: Contraception 101

Zoom Recording ID: 91687199507 UUID: o/hDI/yCTlSSE7pgK/8m3w== Meeting Time: 2021-09-08 03:54:02am

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SWOT, Five Forces Analysis and PEST(LE)

Zoom Recording ID: 4592585404 UUID: txhIypOHQwS3MykMW+bIlw== Meeting Time: 2021-08-25 07:50:55pm

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The Rest I Make Up

Maria Irene Fornes was one of America's greatest playwrights and most influential teachers, but many know her only as the ex-lover of writer and social critic Susan Sontag. The visionary…

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Elyse Singer: Life Politics: Health, Reproduction, and the Body in Mexico

2020-2021 Manuscript Development Workshop Grantee Elyse Singer with guests Megan Crowley-Matoka and Elizabeth F.S. Roberts The Humanities Forum at the University of Oklahoma has organized this…

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Zoe Sherinian: The Trans-Oceanic Parai Drum

The Historic and Trans-Oceanic Parai Drum: Caste and Music from Sangam Literature to Temple Iconography 2020-2021 Forum Faculty Fellow Zoe Sherinianwith guests Davesh Soneji and Arun Raja Selvan …

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