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  • From digi0000 Digital Learning

    2 likes 3,503 plays 2 Evidence—the facts and quotations you extract from your sources—is the foundation of historical writing. Sometimes…
  • From Beth Tweedy

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    This video explains the basic differences between using Google, Google Scholar, and Scholarly Databases. For more help go to
  • From Magen Bednar

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    The quiz is available in the Academic Misconduct Tutorial in Canvas.

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  • From Daniel Resasco

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    Derivation of the differential equations and corresponding numerical integration (with EXCEL)
  • From MyMedia MyMedia

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    Dr. Kurt Gramoll’s presentation from the 2014 Open Education week covers creating a specialized platform and content to support students in his engineering…
  • From Karen Rupp Serrano

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    Story of Mexican mothers who claim they were coerced into sterilization procedures at a Los Angeles hospital in the lat 1960s and '70s.