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Lecture - Qualitative Methods, Research Questions, and Interviewing

Lecture in Capstone SP22 on January 27, 2022 regarding qualitative methods, building a research question, and best practices for interviewing and coming up with interview questions.

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Homework 9 MIS 3033

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Continuing Ed Training: Contraception 101

Zoom Recording ID: 91687199507 UUID: o/hDI/yCTlSSE7pgK/8m3w== Meeting Time: 2021-09-08 03:54:02am

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Unit 0 Exam Review

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0.5-0.8 Pre-Class Lecture

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0.1-0.4 Pre-Class Lecture Video

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Lecture 2-10-21

Protein determination methods

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CHEM 3953 Zoom Meeting 23 February 2021

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ChE/CEES 5673 Lecture 17 Emulsions Part 2

In this session we continue our evaluation of emulsion from the previous lecture, with a special focus on the HLB method of emulsion design. This includes discussion of the design equations used to…

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ChE 3723 F2020 Lecture 21 Heun's Method vs Euler's Method

In this lesson we compare Euler's method to Heun's method and show how to convert our Euler VBA code to Heun's VBA code, as well as how to use the Find/Replace function in Excel to…

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ChE 3723 F2020 Introduction to Numerical Solutions of ODEs and Euler's Method 10/26/2020

In lesson 21 we begin our look at numerical solutions to ordinary differential equations. We introduce the general form of a second order ordinary differential equation and how to solve it using…

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ChE 3723 F2020 Lecture 05 HW 02 Review and Secant Method

The lecture begins with a look at the solution to HW 02 on numerical derivatives, truncation error and round-off error, then moves to coverage of the secant method and a comparison of the secant…

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ChE 3723 Lecture 04 Root Finding and Newton's Method 08.31.2020

Here we examine the conversion of a nonlinear equation into a nonlinear root finding problem to solve the nonlinear equation. We illustrate this using Newton's Method and the equation x^2 = 7,…

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Mini-course on Physical Models - Lecture1

When students are taught about models, they are not normally encouraged to think about the progress in scientific understanding that led to those models. A good example is the conventional theory of…

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