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Moving from ESRI ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

This 1.5 hr learner-requested workshop from November 10, 2023, provided an overview on how to move from ESRI's classic ArcMap program to the new ArcGIS Pro software. Topics covered will include…

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Advanced Machine Learning 2022 - day 29 Explainable AI for Deep Networks

Saliency, CAM, GradCAM

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Lecture 28: Upper Levels in Practice

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Lecture 27: Upper Levels

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Lecture 24: Map Analysis

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Christy Hyman: Abstract|Concretize|Simplify: The Tensions of Critical GIS and Historical Geography (DH@OU5 Digital Humanities Symposium)

Christy Hyman is a fifth year PhD student focusing on historical geography at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Her research focuses on African American efforts toward cultural and political…

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Sylvia Fernández Quintanilla:Intervening in the (Neo)Colonial Digital Cultural Record of Geopolitical Borderlands (DH@OU5 Digital Humanities Symposium)

The physical and digital cultural record of geopolitical borderlands has been formed in (neo)colonial ways where border regions and communities are perceived as divided. This implies a hierarchical…

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