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Module 4: Negotiation in Global SCM In Class Lecture SCM 5562

Zoom Recording ID: 91549756560 UUID: feHBtiWiRvCwmeRfpPIxCw== Meeting Time: 2023-07-26 03:36:11amGMT

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R Travis Pierce demonstrates his solution implementation for Lab 2, Part 4 of Fall 2021's Computer Hardware Design. Watch all the way to the end for the REAL Cin.

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Using Engineering Village for your Research

Learn how to use the OU Libraries' database, Engineering Village, to find sources for your engineering and geosciences topic. Links from Video & Tutorial Script: OU Libraries' Website…

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Recs and Specs Presentation1 - Individual (Braden Munn)

This video details a proposed "Audience Vote" feature to the Sooner Concert Experience software that allows audience members to influence their experience by voting on the next song played…

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Open Education Week 2014 - Kurt Gramoll presents on HTML eBooks

Dr. Kurt Gramoll’s presentation from the 2014 Open Education week covers creating a specialized platform and content to support students in his engineering courses, providing students a free…

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